Wednesday 31 July 2013

OPINION: If I were President Jonathan - Part 1

By Abbati Bako

Leadership is all about delivering what the people want - pure and simple. It's the people that make the government and the work of a government is to impact positively in the lives of the people. A leader should (first) study exactly what afflicts the nation and then get the opinion of experts. The essence of research in Universities and (writing project, dissertation and thesis) in all institutions of higher learning is to get the result of opinion of knowledge and then place and put such opinion or research into practice. 

It's imperative for any good leader to always seek the advice of experts on his vision, focus and mission on anything that will impact and transform the lives of the led. The problem with our leaders in Africa is skipping the opinion and advice of intellectuals and practitioners (civil servants). And again, they don't plan, strategize and serialize what, how, and when the strategic plans are to be done and at what time (timing is very important in politics).

Also they don't follow the ideology and manifesto of their political parties. So, if I were President Jonathan I will tackle only five issues in Nigeria and I will not contest for the third term:

  1. Electricity energy is the cornerstone of industrialization, employment, economic viability and wooing investors from all over the world. For instance, Brazil has 114,00 mgw, S/Africa 40,000 mgw, Egypt 40,000 mgw, Iran 60,000 mgw, and S/Arabia 60,000 mgw while Nigeria is still battling to sustain only 3500 mgw. I would persuade, convince and cooperate with the world policy makers on globalization policy and vigorously tackle the issue of bad leadership, insecurity, corruption, environmental degradation, polio eradication and population control. I would also enact a law -  life imprisonment on any corrupt politician or civil servant and in both government and private sectors.  

  2.  Nigeria's democratic journey is so bad and we are not among the best democracies in Africa. In fact in the list of best democracies in the world Nigeria was rated 147 out of 179 nations. So, the International Public Policy makers don't see or consider Nigeria among the best of democracies like; S/Africa, Senegal, Namibia, Ghana, Zambia and Tanzania. If I were President Jonathan I would sanitize Nigeria's democracy and make sure that all rules and principles of democracy are adhered to by my party and other political parties and every vote counts during elections (at both national and local levels) because election is the institutional technology of democracy.

3.      Agriculture:
To be continued...
Abbati Bako psc,mti,bsis, UK (Political Strategy Consultant)

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